HVAC Service Plans

HVAC Service Plans

Choose the heating or cooling plan that’s best for your home and household budget.

Our repair and maintenance plans for furnaces (or boilers) and air conditioners are a great value for customers concerned about comfort and convenience.* It’s reassuring to know that when you have any covered repair needs, Pivotal Home Solutions will send a local, experienced, pre-qualified service provider to your home — someone who knows how to fix the problem.

Properly maintaining key heating and cooling systems is an important step toward maximizing energy efficiency and preventing expensive repairs due to avoidable mechanical failures. Our maintenance plans help ensure your heating and cooling systems are running safely and at optimum efficiency while helping guard against costly breakdowns.

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* Individual plans vary by region. Plans shown may not be available in all states.

Here’s what our customers have said:

“It’s valuable to us to know that when something does go wrong, you can just call and somebody’s going to come and solve it.”
— Judy N.

“The AC Maintenance is really nice, especially for the coolant each year — that’s part of the package.”
— Angela B.