Home Warranty, Repair, Maintenance, and Leasing

Home warranty, repair, maintenance, and leasing plans from Pivotal Home Solutions take the hassle out of caring for your home. Available in several states, our plans provide you with peace of mind, protecting your budget from expenses that arise from everyday repairs to appliances, lines, and systems.

Customized Warranty Coverage

Unlike many home warranty plans that require you to buy whole home coverage, our repair and maintenance plans can be customized, so you can select coverage for just the appliances, lines and systems you choose.

Outstanding Service

Our customer service phone lines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you are covered by one of our repair or maintenance plans and need assistance, all you need to do is call us and we'll send out one of our pre-qualified, independent local service providers or technicians to perform the work.

Natural Gas Water Heater Leasing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts customers can also benefit from our no-hassle leasing plans. Our Columbia Home Solutions water heater leasing program is a smart, budget-friendly choice when you need a new water heater. There’s no up-front cost for a standard installation and you pay only a low monthly fee. Plus, if something does go wrong, there are no repair charges if you lease from us.

Natural Gas Water Heater Leasing in Chattanooga

Customers in Chattanooga, Tennessee can also benefit from our no-hassle water heater leasing plans. Find out why leasing your next water heater is a smart choice.

Natural Gas Water Heater or Appliance Leasing in Florida

Florida customers can lease standard or tankless natural gas water heaters. In addition, natural gas dryers and natural gas ranges are also available to lease in our service area. With a lease plan, repairs and replacements are never a worry.  

Convenience You Can Count On

All of our plans offer convenient billing options. You can be billed directly on your natural gas utility billed, or billed directly. With a Pivotal Home Solutions plan, you'll always be treated to the highest standards both "on the phone" and "in the home."