Why Does One Room in My Home Feel Warmer Than Others?

When the outside temperature starts to climb, you want to be sure all rooms in your house are cool and comfortable.

Have you noticed your air conditioning is leaving one room or level of your home feeling much warmer than others?

Several problems could be causing temperature fluctuations in your home, including the following:

Air ducts

As time passes, the ductwork in your home can get clogged with dust, dead bugs or even rodents. When a duct is clogged air may be getting trapped in a spot and is unable to get to all areas of your home. Routine air duct cleaning can help fix this.

Structural issues

If you live in an older home, it may be time to replace or add to the insulation you have in your walls and floors. Over time, insulating materials can become inefficient, leaving gaps in your home’s structure where cool air can escape. This is a common problem around window and door frames.

If you are worried this is a problem in your home, contact a local structural professional for a consultation.

Blocked vents

Check to make sure you don’t have furniture, rugs or curtains keeping air from moving in your home.

Improperly-sized cooling system

If you have a cooling system that isn’t the right size for your home’s needs, it’s not going to be efficient. An air conditioner that is too small will have to work overtime and won’t keep your whole home cool. One that’s too big will be cycling off before it’s removed enough moisture.
If you think this is the problem in your home, contact an HVAC professional for a consultation.

Dirty air filters

A clogged air filter will make it difficult for air to pass through, causing your home to feel warmer than it should. Be sure to change your air filter regularly. Check your cooling system’s owner’s manual to see what type of filter you need, as well as how often to replace it.

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