THIS is Why You Shouldn't Do AC Repair Work by Yourself!

While it may be tempting to do your own air conditioner repairs, it’s not recommended unless you’re an experienced and knowledgeable heating and cooling professional.

It’s dangerous.

Cooling systems run on 220-240 volts of electricity, and if you come in contact with this, it could kill you.

It voids your warranty.

Your air conditioner may have come with a warranty when you bought it. If you try to work on the unit, this could void your warranty with the manufacturer – leaving you to foot the bill on any mechanical failures.

The rules for handling refrigerant.

There are very specific and detailed instructions for handling refrigerant, and you need to be a trained expert to handle the material safely.

It’s a complex system.

Your air conditioner is complex. If you aren’t a trained technician, it may be impossible to determine what is causing the problem with the hundreds of components inside the system.

It’s going to take a long time!

You might be thinking that you’ll save time by fixing the problem on your own. But, even if you do figure out what the issue is, you probably will need to order a new part and wait for it to arrive. When you hire a professional, they likely will have the required part(s) to fix your system on their work vehicle.

There’s likely more than one issue.

The odds are likely that your cooling system didn’t stop working because of just one minor issue. There may be several worn out, broken or defective parts that led to the problem you’re experiencing. A professional will be able to diagnose and handle the problem(s).

Save yourself time and aggravation by hiring a professional to take care of all your cooling system repairs and maintenance. We have plans available for homeowners to help keep their cooling systems running efficiently. Call us or visit us online to learn more.