Warning Signs Indicating it's Time for Heater Replacement

For a while, you never gave much thought to your home’s furnace or boiler. But, now that you may have turned it on a couple times this season, you’ve noticed that it’s not really heating your home as well as it once did. While a simple tune-up and cleaning of the heating system may be all that is needed to get the unit working like new again, it may also be an indication that it’s time for replacement.

Check out some of these telltale signs from Energy Star which indicate that it may be time for a new furnace or boiler.

  1. Furnace or boiler is 15+ years old. Odds are likely that if the heating system in your home is over 15 years of age, it probably wasn’t Energy Star qualified when it was installed. Energy Star qualified furnaces today are 15% more efficient than older models, and Energy Star qualified boilers are 5% more efficient.
  2. Frequent repairs are needed. This may be an indication that your furnace or boiler has components that have become old and worn out. The system, overall, is not as efficient as it once was.
  3. Furnace or boiler is making odd noises. If you notice strange clanks or bangs when your heater is running, this could be an indication that there is an issue with its internal working components.
  4. Home isn’t kept evenly warm and cozy. If you have noticed that there are certain rooms or levels in your home that aren’t as warm as they should be, this can be an indication that your furnace or boiler is no longer efficient and can’t keep up with your home’s heating demands.
  5. Unit no longer is coming on at all. This could be a simple fix of a broken part, or it may be that replacement is necessary.
If the time has come to get a new heater installed, be sure that you are working with a heating and cooling professional to help you with choosing the perfect system for your home and family’s needs. It sure would be great to already be enrolled in our Heating Repair Plan.