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Picture it — you just spent all day doing yardwork and are looking forward to a nice, relaxing shower to get all the dirt, mulch, grass clippings and sweat washed off. You step into the shower, turn the faucet, and wait for the water to hit your face. But instead of hot water, you’re hit with freezing cold water that sends you running out of your shower as quickly as you went in. You likely already know where the issue lies — with your water heater.

Unfortunately, when a situation arises with your water heater, it’s not something that the average homeowner is able to fix on their own. Instead, it’s best to leave the diagnostic and repair work to a trained professional who can get the issue taken care of quickly.

Dependable water heater repair

Mohammed S. of Plainfield, Ill., is enrolled in our Preferred Home Protection Plan. This plan covers 17 major home systems, utility lines, and appliances — including the heating and cooling system, natural gas lines, outside water and sewer lines, kitchen appliances, and more. Specifically as the plan relates to a water heater, it covers up to $2,000 per year ($400 per incident) to repair or replace the unit — which came in handy in Mohammed’s home.

When this homeowner realized that his sinks, washing machine, and shower weren’t being supplied with hot water as expected, he knew there was a problem. He picked up the phone and gave us a call. We quickly connected the customer with a pre-qualified service provider in his area to schedule an appointment.

The issue with Mohammed’s water heater was discovered by the trained and experienced technician that was sent to his home, and they swiftly got to work on taking care of it so that this customer’s family would have hot water once again.

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