“I highly recommend your warranty plans, especially for older people who are my age.”

When Wilse’s water heater wasn’t producing enough hot water, he knew there was a problem. Later, he shared with us an observation with which most of us can surely relate!

“It seems problems always happen on a Saturday or Sunday. My daughter got up to go to work and she took a bath,” said this longtime home warranty customer.

He went on to say, “By noon, I figured the water should be heated back up. But I went in to take a shower and the water was still cold. I opened the door to the water heater, and the light was off on the unit. Then I went to the sink in the bathroom and ran the hot water for a good five or ten minutes, and it was ice cold. Evidently, everything that was in the water heater overnight was used when my daughter took her bath.”

Fortunately, Wilse has a Oncourse Home Solutions warranty plan and was able to get a technician sent to his home quickly.

“It was about 12:30 p.m. on a Sunday and I called you guys. Somebody was over the next day and took care of it,” said the Monticello, IN resident.

According to Wilse, our home warranty plans are a necessity for all homeowners.

He went on to say, “I highly recommend your warranty plans, especially for older people who are my age. I’m almost 73, I’ve had my hips replaced, and I can’t do as much work on my own. I don’t know how any homeowner can be without it — you never know what’s going to happen.”

He’s also had positive things to say about our call center, headquartered in Naperville, IL – a suburb of Chicago.

“I’ve never called you guys and not got through to somebody. And I've always had real nice people to talk to — really nice, understanding, and helpful. And the ones who’ve come over to do the work are just super people. They don’t goof around, they come here and they get things done.” said Wilse.

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