"These warranties have been a lifesaver..."

Anyone who lives in an area that sees hot, humid summers knows how important it is to have a functioning air conditioner. The AC will likely be one of the most heavily relied-on appliances in your home the next few months — and for good reason. It keeps your family cool and comfortable on scorching hot days.

What happens, though, when this appliance stops working like it should? A simple repair may be all that’s needed to get the cooling system working like normal once again. However, a repair might not be the solution, especially if your air conditioner is over a decade old. According to Energy Star, once your AC hits 10 years old, it no longer operates as efficiently to keep your home cool. This could mean a home that is unevenly cooled, as well as higher summer energy bills.

We were able to help Diane L. of northern Illinois with her home’s aging air conditioner. As a matter of fact, over 78,000 of our customers experienced unexpected heating and cooling challenges in 2022. But we had them covered, paying over $16 million in HVAC claims!

Diane is a longtime customer who’s enrolled in several of our warranty plans, including Preferred Home Protection and Surge Protection. The Preferred Home plan includes coverage of up to $3,000 per year to repair or replace a cooling system. When this homeowner noticed that her home wasn’t feeling as cool as it should, even with the thermostat set to the desired temperature, and she knew her AC unit was over a decade old, she knew to consult with the experts as to what her plan of action should be.

Diane gave us a call and spoke with a friendly, knowledgeable customer care expert who was able to quickly connect her with a cooling technician from our network of service professionals.

After the professional cooling tech inspected Diane’s AC, they determined the best course of action would be to replace it — the unit was old, no longer operating efficiently, and was a drain on Diane’s savings each month due to ever-increasing energy bills.

“They did an outstanding job and one of the guys was a gearhead like myself,” Diane said after her replacement air conditioner was installed. “We talked cars while he did a first class install of my AC unit, which works great. Anyone reading this get these guys. [They’re] the best!”

Want to be like Diane?

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