Should You Upgrade Your Furnace This Year? Here are 3 Things to Help Guide Your Decision

Replacing your home’s furnace isn’t a decision to take lightly. This is a significant expense, and if it’s not something you were budgeting for, it could very quickly drain your family’s savings. However, keeping a furnace that’s old, inefficient, and constantly breaking down could be costing you more than simply replacing it with a new unit.

So, how can you tell whether it’s time to consider replacement? Follow these three guiding principles.


The average furnace’s lifespan ranges from 15-20 years. Some homeowners may be able to extend the life of their heating systems with annual maintenance, but maintenance isn’t the be-all, end-all when it comes to determining how long your furnace will last. There are numerous factors to consider if you are thinking of replacing your unit, but age should play a role in that decision.

Energy bills

Higher than normal energy bills during the heating season? This could be the result of an inefficient and aging system. As your furnace gets older, it’s working harder and harder to keep up with the heating demands set by your thermostat. This extra strain may cost you on your energy bills and can lead to breakdowns as parts begin to fail.

Newer models are more energy-efficient and have a higher AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating than systems from just two decades ago. Homeowners with modern heaters installed will likely spend less month-to-month on their energy bills.

Frequency of repairs

If you are constantly scheduling repair appointments to get your unit working like it should, it may no longer be cost-effective to keep the system. A general rule of thumb to follow with repair vs replacement decisions is that if the repair costs more than half the cost of a new unit, you should replace the system so you aren’t wasting any more money on frequent (and annoying) breakdowns.

Protection for your new or existing furnace

At Oncourse Home Solutions, we offer affordable Heating Maintenance and Heating Repair plans to help keep your heating system running efficiently. If you’ve bought a new unit, let us help you protect it with the annual tune-up our Heating Maintenance Plan includes. If you’re keeping your existing furnace for a little while longer, sign up for our repair coverage. All our work is performed by local, experienced, pre-qualified service providers. You can also add on Humidifier Maintenance coverage for a low monthly fee!