Sharing the Road With Pedestrians
When children are back in school, there are an increased number of pedestrians on the road. Here are some tips to be sure you are sharing the road safely:
  1. Never block a crosswalk. This could cause a pedestrian to have to walk around your car. When this happens, you or another driver may not see them, and an accident may occur.
  2. Yield to pedestrians in all crosswalks, regardless of whether it’s at an intersection or not.
  3. Never attempt to scare a walking or biking pedestrian to try and get them to move faster.
  4. Use caution when driving near playgrounds as children may unintentionally run out in the road to chase a friend or to get a ball that rolled away.
  5. Make sure you are paying close attention in school drop-off zones. There may be pedestrians walking all around you.

Get more school and pedestrian safety tips from the National Safety Council.