Safety When Dropping Children Off at School
Now that school is back in session, you need to understand how to safely drop your children off in the mornings. Make sure you follow these tips:
  1. Understand the drop-off procedures for your child’s school. Many schools have very exact locations where children need to be dropped off in the morning.
  2. Don’t let your kids get out of the car on the street across from the school. Make sure that when your child steps out of the car, they are in front of the school and able to step onto a sidewalk or pathway to the building.
  3. Don’t double park in front of the school. This can prevent other parents from being able to easily drop their children off. Also, it can effect visibility in the parking lot if one car is taking up multiple spaces.
  4. Try to carpool when possible. This can decrease the amount of traffic in the morning, and the number of cars in front of the school.

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