Sharing the Road With Buses

When school is back in session, there are many buses on the roads in the mornings and afternoons. Be sure that you are giving yourself an ample amount of following distance just in case the bus starts to flash its yellow lights, indicating that children will soon be exiting or entering the school bus.

Here are some additional safety tips for sharing the road with buses:

  1. It is illegal to pass a stopped bus which is loading or unloading children. This is a law in all 50 states.
  2. If the yellow lights on the back or front of the bus are flashing, or if the bus has its “STOP” sign extended, you cannot legally or safely pass it.
  3. Stay alert and keep your eyes on the road. Children may be running to or from the school bus.
  4. The 10 foot radius around the school bus is said to be the most dangerous, as it is where children may be walking or running. Be sure that you stay back and give the bus, and the children, ample space.

Get more bus safety tips from the National Safety Council.