Spring Driving Tips

When it comes to spring weather, not every day is gorgeous. It can sometimes be wet and unpredictable, with severe storms, wind and even tornadoes.

Follow these spring driving tips from AARP to stay safe in less-than-favorable weather.

  1. Drive slowly on wet pavement. While it may not be snowing or icy outside, you still need to drive slowly when it’s just raining. Rainwater can mix with oils on the road’s surface, and this can lead to slick spots and puddles. Hydroplaning is also a concern.
  2. Avoid driving through puddles. You don’t know for sure how deep they are. Driving through a deep puddle could cause your car to hydroplane and damage your brakes. It may also impair your vision if the water flies onto your windshield.
  3. Watch for potholes. These are a result, usually, of winter weather and treating snow-covered roadways. Driving over one could cause problems for your car’s alignment, and they may even damage your tires.
  4. Be mindful of the medications you are taking. If you are on an allergy medication that may impair your vision or ability to react quickly in a situation, stay off the road.
  5. Watch for pedestrians. When the weather is nice, many people choose to ride their bikes, jog or go for a walk outdoors. Stay aware.
Enjoy the spring weather and be extra cautious on rainy days!