Easy DIY Organization Tips for Busy Homeowners
Nobody likes clutter in their home. With a few simple-to-follow tips, you may be able to manage some of the chaos inside your residence.
  • Organize your bathroom products. Most people have a lot of clutter in their bathrooms, including shampoo and body wash bottles, makeup, and other assorted toiletries. With the use of a hanging organizer – aka a hanging shoe rack – you will be able to find a place for all of your products that once took up valuable counter space.
  • Store your crafting materials. If you are into crafts, you likely have yarn, scrapbooking items, and other various things cluttering up your home. With the use of coffee canisters, all of these crafting supplies will have their own space. You can label the cans so that you remember where everything is.
  • Clean up the garage. With the use of a simple pegboard on the wall, you can finally have a place to store hand tools, and other items that are commonly used in the garage environment.
  • Clear up space in your kitchen. A lot of kitchens have utensils that seem to flood all available counter space. With the use of a magnetic rod attached to your wall, you can have a place to hang knives, strainers, ladles, and other metal utensils.
  • Get a handle on your family recipes. You probably have numerous handwritten recipes in your kitchen that have been passed down from earlier generations. Keep track of these recipes in a simple letter organizer or binder that you can find in a store’s school supplies section.
Taking care of some of the disorder and chaos in your home could help you to feel more organized in your day-to-day life. Give these suggestions a try and see how they work for you.