How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh Year-Round

Spring and fall months are great for airing out your home by opening up the windows and letting in a fresh breeze. The fresh air seems to make your entire home smell so much better. However, this is not something you can do year-round, especially if you live in an area that experiences temperature extremes during the summer and winter.

Here are simple, inexpensive ways to keep your home smelling fresh throughout the year.

  • Hang eucalyptus in your shower. Simply hang a few sprigs of the plant in a far corner of your shower where it won’t get wet. Every time you take a shower, the humidity from the hot water will activate oils in the plant and help to create a pleasant aroma.
  • Place dryer sheets behind your air vents. Take your favorite scented dryer sheets and place a few behind each vent in your home during the spring and summer months. Every time your air conditioner runs, you will have a nice scent coming from each of your vents.
  • Lather your sink with dishwashing soap. Take your favorite scented dish soap and place a nice coat of it all over your sink’s surface. Wipe it down and you will be left with a fresh-smelling kitchen for a little while.
  • Combine cloves and orange peels. Peel an orange and press several cloves into the skin. You can then tie a string or fabric to the peels and hang them around your kitchen, living room, dining room or in any other room of your home for a fresh, citrus scent.
  • Use scented dryer sheets to clean the baseboards of your home. The dryer sheets will do a great job at picking up all the dust on the baseboards, and they will also leave your room(s) smelling fresh and clean.
  • Create your own furniture-freshening spray. Combine warm water with a scented liquid fabric softener. Shake it up and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Shake the liquid up again and spray it on your couches, chairs and other furniture.
  • Leave a bowl of plain oats in your refrigerator. Oats will help to absorb some of the odd smells that can come from other foods kept in your fridge. Just be sure to throw the oats out after a week or two and replace them with a fresh bowl.

These tips will help to create a fresh-smelling home for you and your family throughout the year.