Getting the Most Out of a Tiny Closet
If you have already pared down your collection of jeans, shirts, shoes and purses and still don’t have space for anything else in your closet, these tips may help you.
  • Install shelf dividers so you are able to store your clothing and shoes in a more efficient manner.
  • Add an extender rod to provide your closet with more hanging space. These can be added below the rod that is already in place.
  • Under-shelf baskets can be installed to help with organizing shoes, scarves and other accessories.
  • Make use of a variety of hooks. Hang hooks on any usable wall space inside of your closet. These hooks, depending on how much weight they can handle, could help you to store shirts, pants, jewelry or belts.
  • Keep large suitcases and bags inside your closet and above the door. This is another situation that can be made possible with the right kind of hooks. Don’t forget that you can store rarely used items inside of suitcases.
  • Buy a closet organizer or build one of your own. These can be customized to include the shelves and cubby-holes that you need. This can help greatly if you have a lot of shoes or purses you need to keep organized and stored away.

If you have a tiny closet area, these tips can help you get more usable space out of it.