Does an In-Floor Heating System Make Sense for Your Home?

With the cold weather approaching, you may be dreading the thought of waking up on winter mornings and putting your feet on the cold floor. Well, consider a radiant floor heating system. Many homes are now being built with these in-floor systems because they provide supreme comfort.

But, even if your home isn’t brand new, you may still be able to have a radiant floor heating system installed. They have many advantages over relying on a forced hot air system. They are quiet, efficient and provide instant comfort.

Types of radiant floor heating available

Electric: The electric floor heating systems aren’t designed to be the primary heat source in a room. Instead, they are meant to be a source of supplemental heat, mainly for heating the floor itself, as well as your furniture. Electric systems typically consist of cables attached to mats installed over your subfloor. There are also electric floor heating pads which can be installed under laminate, ceramic tile or hardwood floors. If you don’t want to worry about having your room’s floor torn up and re-installed, there are some options that can be installed from the basement or crawl space underneath your floor.

Hydronic: These systems are designed to warm an entire home. Special tubing is installed underneath floors, and sometimes in walls, as well. Water is heated to 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit and pumped through the tubing. This is an efficient way to heat a home since it makes use of fairly low water temperatures to heat the entire home.

If radiant flooring sounds like something you may be interested in, contact home remodeling contractors or flooring experts in your area to get more information.