Keeping Warm During Winter
The cold temperatures and blustery winds are here. This likely means that your furnace or boiler has been working overtime to keep your family warm and comfortable. To help give this appliance a break, we have developed a list of things you and your family can do around the house to keep warm this winter.
  1. Let sunlight in during the day. Instead of keeping the curtains and blinds closed during the day when you are at work or school, keep them open. This can let in a lot of natural light that will keep the home warm and cozy. This may also help your furnace or boiler to run less since the temperatures inside will already be rather warm from the sunlight. Also, when you close your drapes at night, this can help prevent heat escaping from inside the home.
  2. Check your ceiling fans. During the cooler months of the year, your ceiling fan’s blades should be spinning in a clockwise direction. The fan’s blades will help to push heat down and into the room instead of letting it stay trapped up at the ceiling.
  3. Keep furniture away from vents. Many times, homeowners will say their home feels uncomfortable and chilly even with the furnace or boiler running. The problem could be that there is furniture sitting too close to the vents and it is blocking warm air from circulating throughout the room. Also, be sure that you don’t have any drapes, blinds, or other objects sitting in front of the vents as they could also block air flow.
  4. Seal leaks. If you have noticed your curtains swaying back and forth on a windy day, even with the windows closed, this could indicate that you have air leaks. The problem can be taken care of with weather-stripping, and you can also seal the inside of the windows and frames off with plastic cling wrap sold at your local home improvement store.
  5. Close your doors. If you and your family are all enjoying a show together in the living room, close the door so that the heat stays inside the room you are in and doesn’t escape out into the hallway.
  6. Use the oven. During the late fall and winter months, you could help your furnace or boiler to run less just by cooking with the oven. This will help to heat up your home, and you get the chance to cook a delicious meal or treat for your family.

More Information

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