"Always friendly, professional, and honest!"

It can’t be stressed enough just how important it is to schedule yearly maintenance for your home’s heating system. A well-maintained furnace runs efficiently, usually experiences fewer breakdowns, and often has a longer lifespan when compared to systems that aren’t properly taken care of.

Rachel D. of northern Illinois is enrolled in both our Heating Maintenance and Heating Repair plans.

“We have you guys come do our yearly maintenance for our furnace.” Rachel said. She’s a longtime customer who depends on our skilled service technicians to handle her heating system’s maintenance each year.

During a furnace maintenance appointment, a technician cleans and checks all working components of the system to be sure everything is working as it should and running at peak efficiency.

In addition to having us help with maintenance, Rachel trusts our technicians to handle repair work when her furnace stops working like it should.

“We had a repair done because some wiring had been fried to the compressor. The technician was honest and fixed the wiring, saving us a bunch of money,” Rachel said in reference to her most recent repair experience with our service providers. She went on to say, “[The techs are] always friendly, professional, and honest!”

Don’t be left in the cold!

Sign up for our Heating Maintenance and/or Heating Repair plans to help keep this vital system running efficiently all season long (and hopefully for many years to come).