Why Do You Need a Home Warranty?

To protect your home, your biggest investment, it’s smart to enroll in a home warranty plan. Many people confuse a home warranty with insurance. The two are NOT the same.

A homeowner’s insurance policy is typically required by the bank issuing your mortgage. The insurance often protects the interior and exterior of your home in case of accidental damage, or damage caused by a natural disaster or event.

A home warranty is not required by a bank issuing a mortgage. There are many different types of home warranties, and they generally cover repair and maintenance to common household appliances or systems, including air conditioners and furnaces.

So why do you need a warranty for your home?

It’s not a matter of if things will go wrong with a home’s systems, lines and appliances but when. At Oncourse Home Solutions, we have brands in many states around the country, each offering a wide variety of comprehensive and affordable warranty plans. The plans cover everything from heating and cooling systems to natural gas lines to many other valuable systems, appliances and lines in between.

With our collection of plans, we can cover repairs and maintenance for your home. Also, our plans typically have NO service charges or trip fees. You just pay one convenient price per month of year for your plan. We will send a trained, local and experienced professional to your home to evaluate and take care of whatever the problem may be.

Want to know more?

Visit our homepage and type your zip code into the search bar at the top of the screen. You will be taken to a page which lists our brand(s) available in your area. Take a look and see what warranty plans are right for your home’s needs.