Who Do You Call for AC Repair?

It’s one of the things you fear most — you and your family get home after a long day, only to feel like you’re walking into a hot, humid swamp. It turns out your AC isn’t working, and you panic at the idea of shelling out thousands of dollars to get the unit replaced. On top of that, you may have a furnace that’s the same age as your air conditioner, and now you’re also worried that you’ll have to replace both at the same time!


Before worrying more, breathe in and breathe out. Odds are likely that if your air conditioner hasn’t yet reached the end of its usable life (typically between 15 and 20 years), then it will probably only need a repair to get it working like normal once again.


Common causes of AC breakdowns


You might be wondering — well, how did we get here? Why did my air conditioner break down? Here are some of the most common causes of cooling system problems:


  • Failure to schedule routine maintenance.
  • Failure to regularly change the air filter.
  • Worn-out parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Issues with the evaporator coils.
  • Refrigerant leaks.
  • Burned-out capacitor.
  • Clogged drain line.
  • Thermostat malfunction.


These are also many other problems that could lead to a cooling system not working as expected. A professional technician will be able to diagnose and recommend the best course of action for getting the issue taken care of quickly.


Who should I call when my AC stops working?


When you’re enrolled in the Oncourse Home Solutions Cooling Repair Plan and your AC stops working because of a covered issue, simply give us a call and we will handle the rest! We’ll work with our network of trained and pre-screened cooling pros in your area who can schedule an appointment for diagnostic and repair work.


The Cooling Repair Plan includes coverage for one primary central cooling system, ducted electric central air conditioning, and blower motor located in the furnace if necessary for proper operation of the cooling system. When enrolled in the plan, you will receive coverage for all parts and labor, up to $2,000 annually ($400 per incident) toward repairs (or reimbursement toward replacement if repairs aren’t possible).


Ready to learn more?


Visit us online and enter your ZIP code to see if our Cooling Repair AC repair plan is available in your area. Have questions or concerns? Give us a call at any time, or chat with a customer service representative during standard business hours by clicking the “Click to Chat” tab on the right side of the page.