When and Where Home Protection is the Most Critical

Your home fills some of your family’s basic needs. It provides you with shelter from the elements, security for your belongings and, most importantly, a place to call your own. It’s not surprising that you want to do whatever is necessary to protect your home and make it as comfortable as possible.

For most people, homeowners insurance gives them the peace of mind that they have protection. However, that coverage, in most instances, goes only go so far. Having a policy to cover property in the event of a natural disaster or burglary is a good idea, but there are times when a homeowner may encounter problems with which insurers can’t help.

In these cases, a home warranty can provide you with confidence in knowing that all major elements of your house will be covered if something goes wrong — for example, if an appliance breaks down. What types of home warranties are right for you? What should they protect? Read on to learn more about how these plans may offer you, the homeowner, additional peace of mind.

Why Consider a Home Warranty?

Most homeowners insurance policies involve compensation for your losses from a catastrophic event such as a fire, flood or burglary. For example, if your washing machine is smashed when a tree falls through your roof during a storm, you may be able to replace it through your insurer. On the other hand, if that washing machine breaks down due to everyday wear and tear, you’ll likely be left holding the bag. This is an instance where having a home warranty plan can be helpful.

Essentially, home warranties are service contracts that provide you with expert assistance for major appliances and/or systems in your house. If you experience trouble with these, Oncourse Home Solutions can send trained and accredited technicians to provide repair or maintenance. This may eliminate the need for you to pay for costly repairs out of pocket.

What Can a Home Warranty Cover?

Virtually any appliance or system in your house can be covered by one of our home warranty plans. That includes your dishwasher, furnace, water heater, refrigerator, and outside water and sewer lines, among other things.

With Oncourse Home Solutions, you are able to select the specific coverage you need — meaning you can purchase warranties for certain items. This can be useful if you have a combination of older and newer elements in your home, as the manufacturer’s warranty may still be in effect for more recent purchases.

Types of Home Warranties from Oncourse Home Solutions

You can select from three main categories of plans, and be sure to ask how you can save money with our Value Bundles. The categories are:

  • Heating and Cooling — Plans for the repair and maintenance of your heating and cooling systems.
  • Utility Line Repair — Plans for electric, gas, plumbing, outside water and sewer lines.
  • Appliances and Electronics — Appliance repair and surge protection plans (where available).

While insurance can give homeowners peace of mind, homeowners may not realize the limitations of such policies. Adding a home warranty plan from Oncourse Home Solutions makes sense for many reasons, and it’s something to consider if you’re a homeowner who’s interested in protecting your home’s most crucial components.