What is a Home Warranty?
There are many homeowners who may confuse a home warranty with their homeowners insurance. These two are NOT the same things, and they each provide different types of coverage. Homeowners insurance will protect your property from major damage from severe storms, wind, fires, break-ins, hail, and serious water damage. A home warranty will protect major systems and appliances in or around your home, such as gas/electric lines, clothes washers and dryers, air conditioners, furnaces or boilers, heat pumps, refrigerators, ranges, and many more.

Additionally, a home warranty plan is a contract between the homeowner and a home warranty company that says the company will be the one providing repair or maintenance services to the covered systems so long as the customer stays current with their billing.

There are many different coverage options available, some of which include a “bundle” of one or more appliances or systems in the home. This could include repair and maintenance coverage for both AC and heating systems, or the plan may include services for all appliances in a kitchen or laundry room, for example.

When home warranty plans are understood and used properly in or around a home, they can help to save a homeowner money, time, and aggravation when it comes to maintaining their property.