What Different Options are Available for Heating My Home?

With winter here, your home’s heating system has likely been on for a while. Are you aware of the different types of home heating systems available? There are several varieties, and this blog post will help you to better understand each type.


Most homes in the U.S. are warmed with a natural gas, oil or electric furnace. They work by blowing warm air through ductwork in a home. Often, this type of heating system is referred to as a forced-air or ducted warm-air unit. The temperature inside the home is controlled with a thermostat. A homeowner sets the thermostat to a specific temperature, and when the temperature drops below that setting, the furnace will come on to warm the home.


Unlike furnaces that move warmed air through ducts in a home, boilers work by warming water and passing it through radiators which warms the air and space near them. This is also called radiant heat. Once the water cools off, it is sent back to the boiler where it is warmed once again. These systems are often powered by natural gas or oil.

Heat pump

These systems are often installed in areas of the country that don’t experience extremely cold winter weather. There are two common types of heat pumps known as air-source and ground-source. Air-source pumps work by using outside air as a heat source during the cool fall and winter months. Ground-source pumps work by using natural heat produced by the ground. Heat generated through either of these pumps is distributed into the home via an air handler.

Direct heat

Some homes get their heat from direct sources, such as space heaters, fireplaces or wood-burning and pellet stoves.

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