What are the Consequences of NOT Having AC Maintenance Each Year?

Summertime is when your family depends on your cooling system the most. Unfortunately, for many homeowners the air conditioner is an appliance that is out of sight and out of mind until there’s a problem and they’re hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable because the unit has stopped working as it should.

Cooling experts recommend having your air conditioner maintained by a trained technician on an annual basis. Failure to do so could result in an inefficient system that experiences frequent and expensive breakdowns, an uncomfortable home, and possibly even health problems for you or your loved ones.

Inefficient air conditioner

During an annual maintenance appointment, an experienced cooling professional will thoroughly inspect all components of your system. He or she will check to be sure all parts of the unit are free of any dirt/dust build-up, and make sure the components are working as they should. If the technician detects a problem, he or she will likely be able to fix the issue on the spot or schedule a follow-up appointment to get it taken care of.

Not only does routine AC maintenance prevent an untimely breakdown of the cooling system during the dog days of summer, but it will also help to improve the system’s overall efficiency, extend its life, and save money on energy bills.

An uncomfortable home

It almost goes without saying, but failing to take care of routine maintenance with your air conditioner could lead to a breakdown or cause your unit to become inefficient. This may lead to your home being hot, humid, and miserable.

Health problems for your family

An air conditioner that isn’t properly maintained may be blowing contaminants throughout your family’s home. When your cooling system isn’t cleaned by a professional, and if you aren’t keeping up with changing the air filter as often as is recommended by the owner’s manual, you run the risk of exposing your loved ones to a variety of airborne health problems.

All of the air circulated throughout your home by the cooling system must pass through the filter and internal components of the unit. When these are full of pollen, pet hair, dirt, dust, etc., your system will run less efficiently and some of these contaminants will be in the air that your family is breathing. If you have elderly individuals, children, or anyone with a compromised immune system, this dirty and contaminated air could be causing them serious health issues, including an asthma attack and other respiratory problems.

Need help finding someone who performs AC maintenance?

At Oncourse Home Solutions, we make air conditioner maintenance simple with our Cooling Maintenance Plan. The plan covers an annual performance tune-up for one primary central cooling system, ducted electric central air conditioner, and blower motor (if necessary) for proper operation of your air conditioner.

Convenient monthly billing options may be available. After your enrollment has been processed and accepted, you will be able to schedule an appointment for maintenance with a skilled, experienced, and professional cooling technician. Please see the Customer Agreement for plan terms and conditions.

To see if the plan is available in your area, please visit us online.