Preventative Maintenance for Your Heating System

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to help extend the life of your heating system for as long as possible, and to also help keep it running efficiently. Experts recommend scheduling maintenance for your home’s heater on an annual basis. Schedule an appointment now ahead of the winter rush, and before your unit may experience a breakdown during bitterly cold temperatures when you need it the most.

During a maintenance appointment, a professional will thoroughly inspect all working components of your system to be sure nothing is worn and torn and in need of repair, and to also ensure that your unit is safe for use – e.g. no carbon monoxide or gas leaks.

Why is annual maintenance for my home’s heater so important?

Fewer breakdowns

When your furnace is regularly maintained each year, you’ll likely experience fewer breakdowns throughout the heating season, and over the lifetime of your unit. At your maintenance tune-up, a professional technician will check all aspects of your system to be sure everything is working as it should. If a problem is discovered, it can be fixed before the issue results in the breakdown of your unit during the dead of winter when you’re counting on your furnace to keep your family warm and comfortable.

Increased lifespan

Proper maintenance has proven to help extend the usable life of heating systems. Technicians clean the inside of the unit during a maintenance appointment and advise homeowners on how often to change their air filter to get the most out of their system. A clean system runs more efficiently and doesn’t experience as much strain and wear and tear as a furnace that is full of dirt and dust.

Additionally, when your heater doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm and cozy, it could help decrease your energy bills.

Safer heating equipment

A skilled and experienced technician will make sure that your unit isn’t leaking dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) gas or natural gas into your living space. He or she will also check to be sure your pilot light is the proper flame height, color, and consistency (if you have a natural gas furnace). He or she may also advise you how often to change the batteries in your CO detector, or where exactly these devices need to be installed inside your home.

Improved indoor air quality

A clean furnace and air filter will significantly improve your indoor air quality. When you have a dirty air filter and a heating system full of dust and debris, contaminated air passes through your ductwork and into the living areas of your home. This is bad news for anyone in your family who may suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, or a compromised immune system.

Preventative maintenance the average homeowner can handle themselves

  • Changing the air filter on a routine basis.
  • Make sure that vents in your home aren’t blocked by rugs, curtains, or furniture.

Get help with heating maintenance from the experts

At Oncourse Home Solutions, we offer an affordable Heating Maintenance Plan that will allow you to schedule an appointment each year to ensure your home’s furnace is working safely and efficiently. Want more information, or ready to sign up? Visit us online or give us a call.