Microwave Troubleshooting Tips
You depend on your microwave to help with heating up leftovers or for defrosting frozen foods. Find out what some of the common warning signs are that all is not well with this popular kitchen appliance.
  • Microwave isn’t coming on at all. More times than not, if a microwave isn’t showing any kind of display and isn’t responding to you pressing buttons, it is a result of a tripped fuse. Additionally, this could be a result of a worn out door switch. When the door isn’t closed properly, the appliance doesn’t come on. This is one of its safety features.
  • Microwave is creating sparks when in use. Shut the appliance off and unplug it. Open the door and make sure that you have cleaned up any spilled food or splatters that could still be cooking when the unit is in use. Also, check to be sure there aren’t any scraps of foil in the microwave, or perhaps stuck on whatever you are trying to cook.
  • The turntable inside of the microwave isn’t spinning. If you have recently taken the turntable out to clean it, be sure it is properly aligned and sitting flat inside when you put it back.
  • Microwave isn’t heating up. One of the main causes to this problem is a worn-out diode. The diode powers the magnetron which heats the food. If this is the problem, unplug the unit and let a professional take care of the repair work.

These tips will help you to diagnose problems with your microwave. Be sure that you are properly maintaining it by keeping the inside clean, and only warm up food items that are safe for the microwave.