Memorial Day Traditions
Memorial Day weekend is here! With that will come barbecues, parades, and the “unofficial” start of summer.

What Memorial Day traditions do you and your families follow each year? Below are some of the most common traditions that we have heard about.
  • Parades. Many towns will have a special parade on Memorial Day, or during the weekend prior to the Monday holiday. These are a huge hit with kids, and there are often a lot of patriotic floats to remember those who died fighting for our freedom.
  • Flags. It is common practice to place the American flag on your porch or in your yard during this holiday weekend. Additionally, some families also choose to fly a POW/MIA flag to honor military men and women who were prisoners of war or who went missing in action.
  • Cemeteries. Local cemeteries in your town may have small flags that they place on the graves of veterans. If this is a practice not observed where you live, it may be something you want to consider starting with your family.
  • National Moment of Remembrance. At 3:00PM (in your time zone) on Memorial Day, there is to be a National Moment of Remembrance, when we pause to think about soldiers who have fallen for our country.
  • Memorial Services. Many towns across the United States hold memorial services for hometown veterans. It’s a great way to honor men and women who fought and died to protect our freedom.
Regardless of what activities you plan on participating in this Memorial Day, keep safety in mind. Stay hydrated and be sure you use caution when being outdoors for extended periods of time in the warm weather.