Learn the Benefits of Outside Water and Sewer Line Plans

Many homeowners may not realize that they are responsible for maintaining and repairing the outside water and sewer lines on their property.

Common Problems With Outside Water and Sewer Lines

  • Tree or plant roots have grown into the lines and have led to a blockage or clog.
  • A certain spot within the line has broken due to normal wear and tear or corrosion.
  • A part of the line has burst or broken open.

The average cost to replace an underground water line is around $4,000 and the average cost to replace an outside sewer line is around $8,500. Actual repair or replacement costs could be more or less than the stated costs. Often, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover these important lines.

Then, it will be up to you to find a local service provider who will be able to have time to come out to your property in order to diagnose and treat the problem. During this time, you will likely be without clean water to use for bathing, and washing dishes, and your sinks and toilets may experience damage from back-ups.

With a protection plan covering your outside water and sewer lines, coverage will be available for certain situations when they arise.

Our Outside Water and Sewer Plans Provide Up To $14,000 in Repair Coverage Each Year

  • Up to $4,000 to repair, replace, or clear clogs and blockages for outside sewer lines
  • Up to $4,000 to repair leaks or breaks for outside water lines
  • Up to $4,000 for outside sewer lines and up to $1,000 for outside water lines in public sidewalk/driveway/road opening repairs
  • Up to $500 each for landscape restoration reimbursement related to covered water or sewer repairs
  • Convenient monthly billing on your natural gas utility bill may be available

More Information

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