Does a Home Warranty Cover Sewer and Water Lines?
Did you know that, as a homeowner, you are responsible for portions of the outside water and sewer lines that run underground on your property? While these lines may seem to be “out of sight, out of mind,” there are many things that can cause problems for them and for your family’s home.
  1. Tree roots can actually grow into or through the lines. When this happens, it can cause clogs in the water or sewer line and lead to back-ups inside your home.
  2. Certain types of weather can lead to serious problems. Heavy rainfalls and snow can saturate the ground. When this happens, it may cause the earth to shift from the weight of the soggy soil. This can lead to a shift in the sewer/water pipes, as well. Eventually, this may lead to a pipe rupture.
  3. Grease from your kitchen can clog the lines. When you pour greasy foods down your sink drain or garbage disposal, it can eventually build-up on the walls of the sewer/water lines and lead to blockages.
  4. Poor soil conditions can cause problems for the pipes themselves. When your home is built on corrosive soils, this soil can eventually eat through certain types of pipe materials.

To protect these valuable lines around your home, you may be eligible to enroll in our Outside Water & Sewer Line Protection Plans.

These plans come with up to $14,000 in repair coverage per year:

  • Up to $4,000 to repair, replace, or clear clogs and blockages for outside sewer lines.
  • Up to $4,000 to repair leaks or breaks for outside water lines.
  • Up to $4,000 for outside sewer lines and up to $1,000 for outside water lines in public sidewalk/driveway/road opening repairs.
  • Up to $500 each for landscape restoration reimbursement related to covered water or sewer repairs.
  • Convenient monthly billing on your natural gas utility bill may be available.

Some exclusions and restrictions may apply. For complete information on the plan, including applicable terms and conditions, see the customer agreement.

To see if a plan is available where you live, visit our website and enter your zip code into the search box at the top of the page. Our brand(s) in your region will appear, and you can click through to them to see what specific plans are available, as well as how much they cost.


¹Outside sewer and/or water line ownership responsibility varies depending on your location. Oncourse Home Solutions is not responsible for determining any local variation. Pre-existing conditions, Acts of God, system upgrades, digging hits, and other exclusions are not covered.
²Outside Water Line Repair and Outside Sewer Line Repair coverage begins 30 days after enrollment. Additional terms and conditions apply. Subject to eligibility.