Here's Why You Need to Reschedule Your AC Maintenance

You’ve set aside time to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance, and the morning of the appointment, you receive a phone call saying that you will need to reschedule. Why? There are a few things that can happen that may cause a slight delay in your tune-up appointment.

Rainy, wet weather

If it’s raining, technicians cannot work on your air conditioner. There is an increased risk of electrocution since they would be working around wires in your system. Your maintenance appointment includes a visual inspection of all parts of the unit, as well as a check on electrical components and a manual cleaning of the system. It’s far too dangerous to proceed with the appointment in wet conditions.

Cold temperatures

If the temperature outside is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, your air conditioner maintenance appointment will need to be rescheduled. Cooler weather prevents technicians from being able to see an accurate representation of the internal functionality of your system. Also, trying to run your air conditioner at these cooler temperatures could cause problems for the various parts of the system, including the compressor.

Rescheduling a maintenance appointment

While we hope that we won’t need to reschedule your cooling maintenance appointment, you should know that it’s a possibility with unpredictable spring weather! Our customer service representatives will do their best to work with you to schedule a different time that will fit with your busy life.