“Friendly, reliable, knowledgeable, neat, prompt; everything you could want in a service company!”

Now that the temperatures outside are starting to drop, your family will depend on your heating system more and more for warmth and comfort. If this heavily used appliance isn’t working like it should, you may have entire levels in your home or certain rooms that don’t feel as toasty as they should. As a result, you may have unhappy, cold, and miserable loved ones who are constantly having to bundle up in sweatshirts, thick socks, and blankets just to stay warm. You shouldn’t have to dress like you’re going on an arctic expedition inside your home just to be comfortable!

Fortunately, many common heating system issues can easily be caught during an annual tune-up appointment. Many heating experts will recommend for you to have this appliance inspected and cleaned by a professional on a yearly basis. During your appointment, your heater will thoroughly be examined, cleaned, and the technician in your home will be able to detect any problems early on and get them taken care of before your family is left in a cold, uncomfortable home.

This customer knows it’s important to maintain her heater!

Mary L. of Toledo, Ohio knows just how important it is keep up with regular maintenance for her home’s heater. That’s why she’s enrolled in our affordable Heating Maintenance Plan. When enrolled in this plan, you are entitled to one annual tune-up appointment for a furnace or boiler in your home.

“Friendly, reliable, knowledgeable, neat, prompt; everything you could want in a service company!” said this satisfied customer when speaking about her recent experience with the heating maintenance technician sent to her home to inspect and clean her furnace. Now Mary doesn’t need to worry as much about an unexpected and expensive breakdown of her system during this heating season. And her family can stay warm and toasty all season long!

Want to be like Mary?

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