Drive Safely in Construction Zones

The sunny and dry summer weather is perfect for the numerous construction projects that need to be finished on local roadways and interstates. The job of the Federal Highway Administration is to help create safer work zones and roadways for construction workers and commuters.

Below are tips for being a safe driver in work zones this summer. Whether you are driving through them on your way to work, or if you are passing through on a road trip with the family, you need to know what to do to keep yourself, your family and the workers safe.

  • Remain alert at all times and avoid distractions. Turn the radio off. Hang up the phone, even if you are using a hands-free device.
  • Always obey the posted speed limit. Don’t wait until you are already in a work zone to reduce your speed.
  • Do not tailgate the person in front of you. If something happens in front of this car and they slam on their brakes, you may run into the back of them.
  • Pay attention to workers. If a worker is motioning for you to slow down or stop, obey what they are telling you to do. It is for the safety of you, the workers and for the other drivers on the road.
  • Change lanes safely. If there is a sign saying a lane shift is ahead, slow down, pay attention, and be mindful of the other vehicles around you.
  • Be patient. Now is not the time to get road rage. You will soon be back on your way and out of the construction zone. The workers are doing their best to improve the roadway for you, your family and for other commuters.

These tips will help you to be safe while driving through construction zones this summer season.

Get more tips for driving safely in construction zones from the Federal Highway Administration.