Don't Delay Your Annual Furnace Maintenance. Here's Why.

You may be tempted to forego scheduling an appointment for your furnace this heating season if it seemed to be working “just fine” the last time you used it. While it may seem like it’ll save you time and money, not scheduling a tune-up appointment now could potentially cause you a lot of frustration and stress later on in the heating season — likely when your family depends on your furnace the most.

Why do I need an annual furnace tune-up?

Even if it seemed like your furnace was heating your home without any issues that last time you had it on, we still recommended a yearly maintenance appointment. A trained and experienced professional will be able to thoroughly inspect and clean all working components inside the unit, including the heat exchanger, flame sensor, burners, etc. to be sure they are free of dust and in good working order.

Identify potential problems

If the service technician tuning up your furnace discovers a problem, he or she can recommend the best course of action for getting the issue taken care of EARLY — before the peak of the heating season. This could help prevent an unexpected breakdown when your furnace is working extra hard to keep your family warm and toasty when Old Man Winter arrives.


Additionally, the heating pro will check to be sure that your furnace is operating safely. If you have a furnace that is powered by natural gas, he or she will carefully check for potential gas leaks. If you have a furnace that operates on electricity, he or she will check the wiring to be sure there aren’t any signs of damage, such as fraying.

A clean and safely operating furnace is one that will keep you warm and comfortable during the fall and winter months, and it’s also one that’s less likely to have an unexpected (or expensive) breakdown.

Could I just wait to schedule furnace maintenance until sometime this fall or winter?

You could, however, it’s important to note that the longer you wait to schedule your heating maintenance appointment, the more likely it becomes that service providers in your area will be busy with emergency repair calls. You may end up waiting a very long time to get your tune-up work performed.

Don’t wait!

Schedule your heating maintenance as soon as you can — even if the weather outside is still sunny and warm. It won’t be for much longer — colder weather is on the way!

Want professional heating maintenance?

Consider enrolling in the Heating Maintenance Plan from Oncourse Home Solutions. When you’re enrolled in the plan, you’re entitled to an annual tune-up appointment for your heating system. Have questions? Call us any time or click the “Click to Chat” tab on the right side of the page on our website to speak with a customer service representative.