Doing Some Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Air Ducts!

Spring has sprung! While you may be busy preparing a spring to-do list for all the jobs that you want to get accomplished inside and outside your home, there is one vital part of your residence you shouldn’t forget – your ductwork.

Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook this area of their property since it’s not something they can visually see, unlike the grass outside that grows higher and higher each passing day.

However, keeping your ductwork clean could provide numerous health benefits for your family, and could also help to decrease the strain placed on your heating and cooling systems throughout the year.

What are the health benefits of cleaning my air ducts?

Whenever your air conditioner or furnace cycles on, air is pushed through your ductwork and the contaminants are picked up along the way and pushed through your vents. If your ductwork is full of dirt, dust, pet hair, mold spores, etc., then this is what your family is breathing whenever air is pushed through these spaces.

Not only are the air pollutants dangerous for the young and elderly who have vulnerable immune systems, but they’re also hazardous to individuals with allergies or asthma.

When you have your air ducts cleaned by a professional, it’s also a smart idea to check your air filter. It’s recommended for you to change your filter every month during heavy use, or as often as is recommended by your owner’s manual. A dirty air filter could also allow contaminated air to enter the living spaces of your home and cause potentially serious health problems for your loved ones.

What are the benefits of cleaning my air ducts for my heating and cooling systems?

When your furnace or air conditioner has to push air through clogged, dirty air ducts, it could cause them to work much harder than what should be necessary. This doesn’t just cause your heating and cooling systems to experience premature wear and tear from working overtime, but the extra run-time may cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

How often should I clean my air ducts?

Most heating and cooling professionals will recommend getting your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years, but it may be needed more often, especially if you have pets in your home. You will need to speak with the ductwork cleaning professional to also determine if more frequent cleaning is necessary if anyone in your home suffers from health problems, such as asthma or a compromised immune system.

How long does air duct cleaning take?

Many ductwork cleaning jobs can be completed in several hours. However, specific times may vary depending on the complexity of your home’s air ducts. The professional in your home should be able to provide you with a time estimate at the start of your appointment.

Don’t forget to schedule air conditioner maintenance!

Another task to add to your spring to-do list is AC maintenance. If you are already enrolled in a Cooling Maintenance plan with us, give us a call or fill out our online contact form to make an appointment. Annual air conditioner maintenance will help your system to run efficiently all season long.