Common Water Service Line Issues and How to Avoid Them

From small leaks to catastrophic bursts, understanding the common problems that your water service line can encounter is pivotal to protecting your home. That’s why homeowners rely on the Outside Water Line Protection Plan from Oncourse Home Solutions, a trusted ally in home protection.


Common Water Line Issues

Leaky water lines

Leaking water service lines are silent culprits that can wreak havoc over time. Seemingly minor leaks, if left neglected for too long, can lead to damaged property and ever-higher utility bills. The Outside Water Line Protection Plan offers homeowners a safety net, covering the costs associated with detecting and repairing leaks as quickly as possible, preventing minor drips from turning into major financial headaches.


Water line cracks

As water lines age, they become vulnerable to cracks, especially in areas with shifting soil or extreme weather conditions. Cracks may compromise water quality, which may lead to your family having dirty water to use for showers, doing laundry, washing dishes, brushing teeth, cooking, drinking, and so on. Oncourse Home Solutions recognizes the importance of addressing these cracks promptly, providing coverage that ensures the functionality and safety of your water lines.


Water service line bursts

The nightmare scenario of a burst pipe can result in flooding and extensive property damage. Burst pipes may be caused by freezing temperatures, high water pressure, or corrosion. With the Outside Water Line Protection Plan, homeowners gain peace of mind knowing that the costs associated with repairing or replacing burst water service line pipes are covered, sparing them from unexpected financial burdens during emergencies.


Damage to water service line from normal wear and tear

Like any other component of your home, the water service line undergoes normal wear and tear over the years. The constant flow of water, temperature fluctuations, and aging can take a toll, leading to diminished performance and potential failures. 


Ready to protect your home’s water lines?

Understanding the common problems that your water service line may face is essential for proactive homeownership. Don’t wait until a minor leak becomes a major catastrophe — invest in the longevity of your home’s water infrastructure today. With affordable coverage, you can confidently face the future, knowing that your water service line is protected from the challenges it may encounter, thanks to the trusted support of Oncourse Home Solutions.


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