Common Kitchen Appliance Problems

You and your family spend a lot of your time together in the kitchen. After all, this is where you prepare meals together, and you may even help the kids with their homework at the kitchen table. The appliances in this room get a lot of use, needless to say. The refrigerator, stove-top, and oven are all appliances that get used heavily on a daily basis. For this reason, it is not uncommon for them to experience breakdowns and problems from normal wear and tear.

Below is a list of common kitchen appliances and some of the problems that they frequently experience:


If your fridge doesn’t feel as cool as it should, or if it has completely shut off, the problem could be a result of clogged, dirty, and dusty coils. Carefully pull your refrigerator out from the wall and vacuum up the dust from the back of the unit and around the base of the fridge on the floor. Clean coils can help the fridge to run more efficiently.


Over time, the coils on an electric cooktop can become worn out or they get damaged from spills. This can prevent them from being able to properly heat up your food. To take care of the problem, all that may be needed is a replacement of the coils. With natural gas stove tops, especially if they are older, the pilot light to the range can go out. Additionally, ignition switches may burn out or become inefficient. These issues involving natural gas cooktops are best left to a professional to take care of, and we will be happy to help you if you are enrolled in our Kitchen Essentials Repair Plan.


With ovens, there are many parts and pieces that can wear out and stop working like they should. Some common oven problems include: oven not coming on at all, oven cooks at a higher temperature than what it is set to, the self-clean feature doesn’t work, the oven door isn’t shutting properly, and the oven bake light may come on but doesn’t heat up the food. Again, if you have a Kitchen Essentials Repair Plan with us, we will be happy to help you!

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