6 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy for Holiday Parties

If you are hosting any holiday parties this season, you’ll do a lot to ensure your guests have a great time, including making sure you have enough food prepared, and decorating your home to give it a festive look and feel.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to have a toasty, comfortable home for every party you throw this season:

  1. Get your furnace or boiler tuned up. Schedule an appointment for heating system maintenance. The heating professional sent to your home will thoroughly clean and check the vital parts of your system. Also, if any problems are detected, they can be taken care of on the spot so you don’t need to worry about them later. At Oncourse Home Solutions, many of our brands offer comprehensive Heating Maintenance Plans which include an annual tune-up of your system.
  2. Use space heaters. If you know that your guests will be spending time in a cooler part of your home, think about adding a space heater for a little more warmth. There are space heaters available that mimic the look of a fireplace, which can add a little ambiance and festive atmosphere to your party. Be careful when using a space heater to warm your home. Read the instruction manual thoroughly to be sure you understand how to properly use it. ALWAYS shut the heater off before leaving the room or going to sleep.
  3. Have a programmable thermostat installed. These thermostats can help make your home more efficient when it comes to heating and cooling throughout each season. Also, you can set them to adjust the temperature of your home throughout the day. For example, you can program the thermostat to let your home stay cooler during a winter day when you will be gone at work.
  4. Be sure that your fireplace has been cleaned and is efficient. Have a chimney sweep clean the inside of your fireplace. They will be able to remove built-up soot and creosote. This helps your fireplace to run more efficiently. Also, be sure to close the fireplace damper when there isn’t a fire lit. This will help to prevent warmed air from escaping through the chimney.
  5. Serve hot appetizers and drinks. If you want people to feel warm, serve hot sandwiches, dips or other tasty treats instead of something chilled.
  6. Make sure that you have sealed your window and door frames. If there are areas of air loss around your window or door frames, the chilly outdoor air will be able to get inside, and conversely, warm air from inside your home will be able to get out.

These tips should help you to keep your guests and family warm during every holiday party you throw this year.