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Water Heater Repair in Massachusetts - Call us at 855-310-3230

Nothing is more frustrating than a broken water heater. When you have no hot water, you can't properly do laundry, wash dishes, or shower. What may be even more frustrating than not having hot water is the fact that you have to try finding a reputable water heater repair company who can take care of the problem for you quickly, and at a price your family can afford.

The easier solution? Water heater replacement with our affordable leasing program.

Here’s what makes our alternative to water heater repair a smart choice:

  • Zero up-front costs for standard water heater replacement installation
  • Top quality energy-efficient replacement water heaters
  • Fast installation by pre-qualified, licensed service providers
  • No unexpected repair bills to pay!
  • LOW monthly payments!
  • Often same or next day service appointments
  • Support - we offer 24/7 phone service to take your call!

Call us at 855-310-3230!

    The Details: You must be the owner of the residence. This transaction is a lease and requires a minimum term of 24 monthly payments for standard vent and 36 monthly payments for power vent units. After the minimum term, lease renews for one-year periods. Additional charges may apply for non-standard installations and are payable to the installing technician at the time of installation. No security deposit is required; however, all leases are subject to Columbia Home Solutions* credit approval. Depending on model chosen, monthly lease payments range from $19.00 to $28.25, plus tax. Not available in all areas. Leases may be cancelled with 30 days’ notice, but certain termination and other fees may apply. Information about the licensed service provider doing the installation will be provided upon request when setting up the installation appointment.

    * Columbia Home Solutions is not an affiliate of Columbia Gas® of Massachusetts. Repair, maintenance, and leasing plans are not regulated utility services. These plans are not provided or guaranteed by the utility, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts. Your participation in, and your payments for, these service plans do not affect your utility service.

    † Additional charges may apply for non-standard installations (e.g. additional modifications and code upgrades) and are payable to the certified contractor at the time of installation.