Supplier Diversity

Our service area

* Map above does not indicate every state in which we offer service or the detailed service areas within each state. See more details by state below:

Connecticut  |  Florida  |  Georgia  |  Illinois  |  Indiana  |  Kentucky  
Maryland  |  Massachusetts  |  Ohio  |  Pennsylvania  |  Tennessee  |  Virginia

Pivotal Home Solutions partners with service providers in many states. We are committed to doing business with a diverse group of qualified companies that reflect our employees, our customers and the communities that we serve. Small businesses are the foundation of our service provider network, and we believe supplier diversity makes good business sense. We understand that many small business owners struggle with limitations of time and budget.

As part of the Southern Company Gas family of companies, we are committed to developing our suppliers through mentoring, education and training opportunities. If you are a business classified as a diverse supplier (small business, minority owned, women owned or veteran owned) and would like more information on becoming a business partner with us, click here or call us at 855-890-1149.

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