The weather in the Sunshine State can be extreme at times. This is why you want to make sure your home’s essential systems, lines and appliances have support available whenever you need it.

Unfortunately, standard homeowners insurance typically only covers repairs or replacement under a very specific set of circumstances. That’s why it pays to contact Oncourse Home Solutions for a home warranty in Florida that can keep you covered. If your equipment or utilities break down, we can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

When you purchase one of our home warranty plans, you can quickly obtain help if your home’s systems break down due to normal wear and tear. Our network of qualified technicians is ready and able to help when you need assistance. Having one of our home protection plans means you don’t have to worry about anything. Even better, you may not need to pay for repairs out of pocket, or you may receive reimbursement toward replacement if your item cannot be repaired. Wherever you live in our service area, we can be there for you.

Complete Protection for Your Home

We offer a range of options when it comes to protecting the elements of your house that are most important to you. We give you the opportunity to enroll in a total home protection value bundle, or pick and choose what you want covered. Here’s a quick summary of what we can provide for you:

  • Heating and Cooling: Whether your air conditioning fails in the middle of a heat wave or your heater gives up in the dead of winter, we can get it back up and running ASAP.
  • Utility Line Protection: When you have a service line protection plan, any interruption in your utilities can be handled as quickly as possible. We can protect your home’s outside water and sewer service lines, plus the plumbing, electric and gas lines inside your home.
  • Appliances and Electronics: An appliance warranty plan can cover your refrigerator, washing machine and more.
  • Value Bundles: Choose the coverage bundle that works best for you and keep your home warranty cost in line with your budget.

Look at the Florida ZIP codes listed below to find out if we offer coverage in your neighborhood. Then, get in touch with us to get your protection started.

Home Warranty Service Areas in Florida

32754 Mims FL
32780 Titusville FL
32781 Titusville FL
32783 Titusville FL
32796 Titusville FL
32815 Orlando FL
32899 Orlando FL
32901 Melbourne FL
32903 Indialantic FL
32904 Melbourne FL
32905 Palm Bay FL
32907 Palm Bay FL
32908 Palm Bay FL
32909 Palm Bay FL
32920 Cape Canaveral FL
32922 Cocoa FL
32925 Patrick AFB FL
32926 Cocoa FL
32927 Cocoa FL
32931 Cocoa Beach FL
32934 Melbourne FL
32935 Melbourne FL
32937 Satellite Beach FL
32940 Melbourne FL
32952 Merritt Island FL
32953 Merritt Island FL
32955 Rockledge FL
33009 Hallandale Beach FL
33010 Hialeah FL
33012 Hialeah FL
33013 Hialeah FL
33014 Hialeah FL
33015 Hialeah FL
33016 Hialeah FL
33018 Hialeah FL
33021 Hollywood FL
33023 Hollywood FL
33025 Hollywood FL
33027 Hollywood FL
33030 Homestead FL
33032 Homestead FL
33033 Homestead FL
33054 Opa-Iocka FL
33055 Opa-Iocka FL
33056 Miami Gardens FL
33122 Miami FL
33124 Miami FL
33125 Miami FL
33126 Miami FL
33127 Miami FL
33133 Miami FL
33134 Miami FL
33135 Miami FL
33136 Miami FL
33142 Miami FL
33143 Miami FL
33144 Miami FL
33145 Miami FL
33146 Miami FL
33147 Miami FL
33150 Miami FL
33155 Miami FL
33156 Miami FL
33157 Miami FL
33158 Miami FL
33161 Miami FL
33162 Miami FL
33165 Miami FL
33166 Miami FL
33167 Miami FL
33168 Miami FL
33169 Miami FL
33170 Miami FL
33172 Miami FL
33173 Miami FL
33174 Miami FL
33175 Miami FL
33176 Miami FL
33177 Miami FL
33178 Miami FL
33179 Miami FL
33180 Miami FL
33182 Miami FL
33183 Miami FL
33185 Miami FL
33186 Miami FL
33187 Miami FL
33189 Miami FL
33190 Miami FL
33193 Miami FL
33196 Miami FL
33199 Miami FL
33430 Belle Glade FL
33493 South Bay FL
32960 Vero Beach FL
32962 Vero Beach FL
32966 Vero Beach FL
32967 Vero Beach FL
32968 Vero Beach FL
34952 Port St. Lucie FL
34953 Port St. Lucie FL
34957 Jensen Beach FL
34983 Port St. Lucie FL
34984 Port St. Lucie FL
34986 Port St. Lucie FL
34987 Port St. Lucie FL
34994 Stuart FL