What is a Chimney Balloon?

Chimney balloons are sometimes referred to by different names, depending on where you live in the United States. They are often called “chimney pillows.” Regardless of what you hear them called, their main job is the same – to stop drafts and prevent heat loss from your home’s chimney.

How does it work?

A chimney balloon is placed in a fireplace, above the damper. Once in place and inflated, the expanding object prevents draughts and heat loss. This means that when you don’t have a fire going, your home’s heating system doesn’t have to work overtime to keep your family warm on the chilliest days. The balloon prevents heat loss and also helps keep unwanted pests from getting into your home.

And, chimney balloons are manufactured with fireproof materials.


Setting up a chimney balloon is straightforward, and it’s a job that can be handled by the average homeowner. Directions may vary from brand to brand, but essentially, the chimney balloon gets placed inside the fireplace above the damper. Simply reach into your fireplace and stretch as far up as you can with the balloon. Open the tap so that air can fill it up. Once the balloon is inflated, close the tap.

Using the fireplace with a chimney balloon

The balloon must be taken out before a fire is lit. Removal is fairly simple and seems to be universally easy regardless of what brand you have installed. If you forget to take the balloon out before using the fireplace, it will soon deflate so that smoke and heat can escape through the chimney.

A chimney balloon may help to create a more energy efficient home when it comes to using your heating system. Prevent heat loss during the winter with this valuable, innovative item.