Triggers of Common AC Problems
Homeowners enjoy the cool, comfortable environment that their air conditioners are able to provide – when they are working properly. However, many problems can occur with your AC, and it is helpful to understand these common problems, so that if they happen to you, you will know how to approach the situation.

Keep in mind that if you DO have a problem with your cooling system, we recommend having a professional take care of the diagnostic and repair work for you.
  1. The unit is blowing out warm air. This could be a result of lower than normal refrigerant levels in the system. To resolve the problem, a professional will add more refrigerant to the unit.
  2. The AC is making strange noises when running. This could be the result of a build-up of dust inside of the system, or a part may be loose. A professional will need to perform a thorough inspection of the unit to see what exactly is causing the noise.
  3. Some rooms of the home don’t feel as cool as they should. This may be an issue with dust build-up inside of the ductwork of your home. It is recommended that you schedule annual duct cleaning in your home with a local professional. If this is a problem in your home, be sure that all the vents are open in all rooms of the home.
  4. The unit isn’t coming on. This may be a result of a worn out or broken internal component, or the thermostat controlling temperature settings may not be working properly. A skilled HVAC technician will be able to diagnose and fix the problem, replacing the thermostat if needed.
  5. Family members are starting to experience problems with allergies when the AC is running. This may be an indication that it is time to replace your AC’s filter. The filter should be routinely changed out so that you have clean indoor air and to optimize efficiency. The exact filter size needed for your unit will be listed in your owner’s manual for the system.