Things You Should Know About Buying a Home Warranty

It takes a lot to protect your investment in your house. For your financial security and peace of mind, you want to be sure you’re covered in all eventualities. Although most major appliances and systems may be covered by manufacturer warranties, they don’t offer as much protection as you might expect. Similarly, homeowner’s insurance only covers certain situations and conditions. To ensure that all your bases are covered, you may want to add a home warranty from Oncourse Home Solutions. Doing so may give you added protection in case your air conditioning system, washing machine or other crucial mechanical component breaks down due to regular wear and tear. But before you take this critical step, it’s a good idea to fully understand how this type of coverage works.

Things to Know About Your Home Warranty Plan

When choosing a home warranty from Oncourse Home Solutions, it’s important to know what it offers and what it can do for you. Here are a couple of basic things to know:

What is covered? Oncourse Home Solutions offers customizable coverage options that allow you to cover several appliances and systems — or even just one. Our Call Center representatives and our website can tell you about coverages available and help you determine what's right for you. Every enrollment includes a Customer Agreement with the terms and conditions of our plans. You can see it any time at

Who will provide service? Our Call Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have a problem. The service providers in our network our local, experienced and pre-approved, so you know the work will be done by a qualified professional.

Solutions Available to You

As a recognized leader in home warranty plans, Oncourse Home Solutions offers a number of options. This gives you the freedom to choose the coverage that meets your exact needs and provides you with the most security. Unlike many other companies, we don’t require you to purchase a plan for your entire property. We allow you to customize repair and maintenance plans for the specific needs of your house, your family and your household budget.

When your most important household systems fail, our warranty plans can offer the help you need. Because they’re fully customizable, they also can give you the protection you want for a price you can afford. Get in touch with us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.