“The service pays for itself in the long run.”

With the price of gas and groceries increasing these days, everyone is looking for ways to save money. This is especially true for homeowners. Owning a home comes with a number of hefty costs to contend with, such as having to pay for homeowners’ insurance, landscaping fees and for the annual price tag that comes with maintaining their heating and cooling systems.

Let’s focus on the last item in that list — maintenance for HVAC systems. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook scheduling annual inspections for their furnace or AC when those units seem to be running smoothly. Professional heating and cooling technicians recommend that these systems be cleaned and thoroughly inspected by an expert at least once per year. Doing so helps to keep the units operating as efficiently as possible all season long.

An efficiently running air conditioner in the summer is as good as gold (in terms of how much it could save you on your monthly energy bills). An AC that’s clean and free of potential problems cycles on and off when expected and can easily keep up with the temperature you’ve set to keep your family cool and comfortable — even on what feels like the hottest day of the summer.

The cost savings on your energy bills could be put to good use, too, such as for a late summer vacation, school supplies for the kids, or just to keep your gas tank full.

But who should you trust for reliable and honest heating and cooling system maintenance?

Here’s what TJ had to say…

“I call every year for maintenance on my furnace, air conditioner and hot water tank. Are you aware of the maintenance fees you would pay if you did not have Oncourse Home Solutions?” said this satisfied customer, who is enrolled in affordable maintenance coverage.

TJ went on to say, “… the service pays for itself in the long run.” TJ is right — if you choose to try and find your own service provider to handle your furnace or AC’s maintenance, you could end up paying a hefty amount out of pocket. It also may be difficult to find a technician who has availability in their schedule to take care of your annual inspection this time of year.

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