Smart Kitchen Appliances Offer Culinary Convenience and More

Many popular visions of the future from the mid-20th century centered around a completely automated home. There was no need to do any household chores, as robots and remote-controlled devices did all the work for you.

Although that idea still might be a bit of a pipe-dream, today’s smart kitchen appliances have brought it closer to reality. These devices may not be able to think for themselves or prepare a meal without your help, but they are making life easier for the people who use them.

As the house of the 21st century becomes increasingly connected to the internet, it’s easy to see how a smart kitchen can be a big improvement to your lifestyle. Whether you’re renovating your house or just thinking about it, read on for a few examples of how this technology can fit into your plans.

A Whole New Way of Living

It’s not the same as having a robotic chef and maid on the job, but the internet of things is making it possible to automate certain elements of your daily routine. The upshot is that you don’t have to spend as much time worrying about them. You also may be able to streamline and simplify some of your everyday tasks and help keep your family connected.

For example, a smart oven with Wi-Fi can be preheated remotely. That means you can get a head start on meal prep for the evening before you leave the office. This kind of oven can also send an alert to your phone or another device when it’s finished preheating so you can focus on other tasks without having to hover in the kitchen.

Some Wi-Fi enabled microwaves are equipped with barcode scanners. This allows them to read food packaging and download recommended cooking instructions for your specific model. With this feature, you may never have to experience burnt popcorn or a half-frozen meal again.

One of the most popular smart appliances is the refrigerator. Many smart refrigerators feature interior cameras that let you see the inside of the fridge from your phone, revealing in an instant whether or not you should grab that extra gallon of milk while at the store. They also feature built-in touchscreens and apps that you can use to keep shopping lists, order groceries and even stream music.

Many of these devices can be integrated into a home automation system such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can control virtually all of them through a smart kitchen app on your phone or tablet.

Protect Your Investment

No matter how smart your kitchen technology is, there’s always the risk of something breaking down due to regular wear and tear. When that happens, an appliance repair plan from Oncourse Home Solutions can help you avoid paying for it out of pocket. Enter your ZIP code on our website to find out what coverage we offer in your area, then contact us to get started.