“Let me tell you a little story about Pivotal Home Solutions…”

Check out what James H. of Streamwood, IL said about our home warranty services!

“Let me tell you a little story about Oncourse Home Solutions. I had to vacuum up 6 or so gallons of water today due to a leak coming from the water heater.
We priced out what it would cost to do it ourselves, not too bad really, but we have a maintenance plan with Oncourse Home Solutions. With a monthly fee, they cover all kinds of things, plumbing inside the house and outside, electrical, and even appliances.
So I call them up, they did get an upsell on us to cover annual tune-ups of the furnace and AC coverage.
Within the timeframe of the call (20 mins?), I was able to coordinate an electrician to come check why breaker 7 pops as soon as it is reset, a furnace guy to clean and maintain a 7-year-old furnace that has never been professionally maintained (I do change filters), and a plumber to see where the water is coming from.
The electrician quickly identified a bad breaker (I swear I tested that!) and replaced it. No charge.
The furnace guy identified a couple of minor items he was able to clear up, again, no charge.
Oh yeah, while I was bringing the plumbing guy down to the water heater, the drain valve near the bottom of the tank blew off and started draining 40 gallons of water everywhere! I was able to grab the hose from the shop vacuum I'd been using to cleanup with and directed the torrent of water directly to the floor drain.
So, now we have a new water heater AND the water lines are up to code. Oncourse Home Solutions covered $400 towards the whole thing. When all was said and done, we paid $660 for a whole new unit, a high-end one at that, installation, and haul-away of old crusty.
It was one of those days that it seemed so many things were going wrong all at once, but it was totally okay because we were prepared for it. And instead of it taking a day or few to fix and recover, it was all over in a matter of hours!
I did forget to mention that all three service guys from three separate subcontractor companies were there at the same time, all within a couple of hours from my initial call. Definitely a cool kind of powerful feeling to leverage all those resources from one phone call and have nothing to worry about a short time later!”