"It has been so painless that we decided we're just going to cover everything!"

Donna W. didn’t expect to wake up a freezing home, but when she did, she knew exactly what to do!

“We woke up one morning and it was chilly, and the furnace kicked on and made this really loud noise — as if it was going to take off — and we’re like, “Whoa! What is that?!” So we called the company and they sent a repair guy out, and I was so impressed!” said this longtime customer of Orland Park, IL.

Instead of having to fumble through the phonebook or look online to find a reputable, trusted, and available heating professional, Donna simply made a phone call to us and we took care of the rest.

Regarding her call to us on that chilly morning, Donna said, “All the call center representatives that I spoke with were very friendly and helpful, and explained everything to me.”

Her experiences were so positive that she and her husband actually expanded their coverage. “It has been so painless that we decided we’re just going to cover everything. Now we have our air conditioning, dishwasher, washer/dryer and water heater covered, too. I'm very confident that if anything else were to happen, then these guys would be fantastic,” she said.

Want to be like Donna?

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