Indoor Activities for the Dog Days of Summer
Now that summer is in full-swing and the kids are home during the day, you are probably already getting tired of them telling you they are bored and have nothing to do. While you may want to tell them to find something to do outside, this may not be safe when the temperatures outside start to climb. Instead, here are a few fun indoor activities to help keep your children entertained for a while.
  1. Set a tent up inside the home. Many children love to go camping. However, it may not be easy or practical for you to drop what you are doing to plan a camping trip. Instead, create a tent indoors by setting up several chairs in an open space. Cover the tops of the chairs with a large blanket. This creates a fun environment for your kids to read, play board games, or just hang out.
  2. Look up and create fun frozen recipes together. Most kids love a frozen and sweet treat on a hot summer day. Numerous fun (and healthy!) popsicle, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other tasty treat recipes can be found online. Find a recipe that seems doable, get the ingredients together, and have a fun time chilling with your kids.
  3. Throw a movie-themed party. Instead of spending a lot of money for tickets and treats at the movies for your children and their friends, throw a movie-themed party at your home. Rent or buy some family-friendly movies, get some snacks together, and have your kids invite over a few of their friends. They will stay cool and safe inside the house, and be entertained at the same time.
  4. Find some summer-related crafts to work on. Kids love to do crafts, especially when they are summer-themed. Many fun ideas exist online for hot weather-related events or activities.
  5. Have a scavenger hunt. Create a checklist for your children so they can go around the home and find common objects, such as: toy cars, a red bowl, a funny picture of the family together, a straw hat, etc. The possibilities are endless. The first person to complete their checklist could be awarded with a fun, simple treat, such as a popsicle or ice cream.

These ideas should help to keep your children entertained for at least a few hours on those scorching, hot summer days when it isn’t safe for them to play outside for extended periods of time.