"I would recommend them to everybody!"

Ronna J. of Brownsburg, IN has been a home warranty customer of ours for years. “I got my coverage not long after I moved into my house, and I’m very happy with it!” she told us.

For Ronna, it’s important to keep her appliances working efficiently so she doesn’t have to spend time searching online or in the phone book for a reputable repair company. She explained what makes our coverage valuable to her, “My icemaker still works, my washing machine still works, my dryer still works. I have a hot water heater, my air conditioner and my heater, so there you go!”

Ronna told us about a recent repair request she made, saying, “My hot water heater went out last year, and the service provider was very courteous, very kind, answered my questions, and got my new hot water heater installed. Took very good care of me. Fabulous!”

When talking about our professional call center, Ronna said, “Everyone’s always been very helpful, very polite, answered any questions that I had. When I called in, they understood what the issue was and went ahead and sent a great service provider who was very courteous, smart and willing to answer my questions — really went above and beyond.”

Would Ronna recommend us to her friends and family looking for a comprehensive home warranty plan to protect their vital lines, systems, and appliances? This line speaks for itself! “I would recommend them to everybody!”